Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tongue-punching your fartbox

I draw a lot of single character pin ups. Thought I'd try something different for a change.

Sketchdump the First

First, I apologize for the horrible photo quality of these. My scanner is not working. Must remedy this soon.

Uh.. let me be the first to admit my habit of drawing male characters from movies, comics, books, etc. as busty females.

Let's get this party started..

All right meatbags, this'll be where I post, in addition to recent artwork, all the unfinished works in progress, doodles, sketches, and general junk that has long since been lurking unseen by the masses in my sketchbooks. I draw every day, and I feel that a day going by without having done at least one sketch that I can be proud of is a day wasted. Most of these drawings never progress beyond their initial sloppiness, but there's usually something about them that I like; a line, a gesture, a feeling. My goal is to update this at least two or three times a week, so stay tuned.

By the way, I hope you like my header, my cat Boo picked it out from a bunch of drawings I scattered across the counter.